Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

18th Birthday

Well here it is!! The day I turn 18!! I'm so happy! It is one of the days I have been waiting for ever since I turned 16! I'm finally an adult... Yes, I do know that now I have even more responsibilities, but I'm not a kid anymore and I do know how to handle myself! :)
This is not an assignment from my College English class, it is just something that I feel like doing. :)
I will admit that I miss being a child because the only thing you have to worry about is "cooties." ;) No stress. No worries. Just playing around on the playground and trying to behave like a good child. :)
There are ups and downs to both childhood and adulthood, but I'd rather not think about that quite yet. :) I'm in the here and now, and thats exactly where I want to be! Sure, I'm excited about the future and miss things from the past, but if you don't pay attention to today, you might miss something either small or big... There's no difference... Everything that happens, happens for a reason. So have fun, live life, and don't worry about what's to happen ahead or what happened in the past, for today is a new day!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Do I even have a purpose?

"The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning."
-Mitch Albom quotes

Everybody has a purpose, and I know this. See though, there is a problem. I haven't quite figured out my very own purpose yet. Sure, I think I know what I want to do with my life but I'm still very unsure. I also understand that there are a lot of people who don't discover their purpose until they are a lot older than I. I do hope to someday have my own family, but there are other things that must come first. These things include finishing high school, going to college, getting a degree, learning to live on my own, get a steady job, and find the RIGHT guy to live my life with. This all takes time and I don't plan on accomplishing it all any time soon. :)
Of course I am going to finish high school! I am graduating with my classmates at Aurora High School on the twelfth of May in 2013. I cannot wait to graduate, but I will admit that I am going to miss it! High school is not always what people make it sound. Sure it can be really fun, but at the same time it can be really stressful with all the drama, homework, and all the scholarship deadlines that must be met as a Senior at Aurora High. For the most part, I have had a wonderful four years of attending Aurora High School.
Next is college. After graduating Aurora High School, I plan to attend Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Nebraska. The problem that I am having though is that I am also thinking about going to Hastings Central Community College to gain an associate's degree. What am I going to college for? You must be wondering! Well, I would love to become a chef and one day possibly even have my very own catering business! I am hoping to achieve a degree in Culinary Arts and another one in hospitality and restaurant management. I love to cook and I feel that I am a very good cook at that! :)
People are always asking me where I want to live once I graduate college. It stresses me out because I feel like I have to worry about the future when I still need to worry about the here and now. I feel like I am expected to know exactly where I am going in life and what I am planning to do. I do not have much of a dream life for the future, but I do have high hopes and dreams of certain things. I hope to possibly life on a farm when I am older, to have a HUGE kitchen to cook and spend my days in, and to marry a man who will respect me, be there for me, and to have fun with and not always be so serious. These are just some things that I have taken thought to, but otherwise I plan to just go where life takes me and let my purpose come to me whenever the time is right! :)
Some people never find their purpose. There are even people who do find their purpose, but they just don't realize it. The lucky people who do know their purpose in life are the ones who actually try, but they don't try to the point of stress. I want to be one of those lucky people who find their purpose, but who also live life to the fullest, have fun, and go with the flow without having to try way too hard. I say that life is about having fun, well... it's more like that is how I wish life was. I do NOT want to waste my life by working all the time. I want to go out and have some fun, but in a responsible way of course! :)
I do have my own purposes in the family, but it is not the same as my purpose in life. In my family I am expected to go to college and get a degree. It is my responsibility to help my mom out when she needs me, to help my little brother when he needs me, and to be there for the family as they are there for me. It is nice to know that you have your very on purpose in this world, but it would be nice to just know with out having to search for ourselves. What I have realized while I have been typing this is that all the fun is searching for yourself and finding your very own purpose in this world! :)